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The Botti Law Firm, P.C., located in Oak Brook and in Wheaton, Illinois, represents clients who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, also known as DUI. A DUI conviction holds serious penalties including jail time, large fines and probation. Further, a DUI conviction can cost you not only your driving privileges but your job.

Former DUI Prosecutors

Our firm’s lawyers consist of former DUI prosecutors and because we have handled thousands of DUI cases from both the prosecution and defense sides, we have a thorough understanding of DUI laws. At the Botti Law Firm, P.C., our DUI defense attorneys understand the significant impact a DUI arrest can have on your criminal record and your life and we challenge DUI charges for clients in Chicago and the surrounding communities. Guided by over 80 years of combined criminal law experience, our attorneys will use their knowledge and skill to achieve the best possible outcome.

Effect on Driver’s License

There are two aspects to a DUI charge: a criminal case and a civil case. As part of the civil case, there are license ramifications. Your driver’s license will automatically be suspended pursuant to an administrative procedure known as a summary suspension. If retaining your license is a priority for you, you must act quickly and give us a call. License suspension and revocation are complicated issues, and it is important that you have one of our skilled lawyers handle these matters on your behalf.

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