Modifying Parenting Plans and Marital Settlement Agreements

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Modifying Parenting Plans and Marital Settlement Agreements

December 10, 2019 | Divorce,Maintenance (Alimony),Parenting (Child Custody)

When parents of minor children get divorced there are generally two main documents that govern their post-divorce life: the parenting plan and the marital settlement agreement. The parenting plan governs all parenting matters such as parenting time and decision-making responsibilities. The marital settlement agreement governs financial matters such as the distribution the marital estate as […]

Mediation in Illinois Divorce

December 8, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

Mediation is required in nearly every case where the parties cannot agree to an allocation of parental responsibilities, in other words, who gets what parenting time and who makes what decisions for the children. During mediation the spouses will sit down with a mediator, who may or may not be an attorney, and the mediator […]

The Relocation Statute: Why a Parent Cannot Move More Than 25 Miles Away

December 6, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

When parents of minor children divorce, a parenting schedule is entered as part of an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities.  Parents who have equal or majority parenting time are restricted on where they can move under Illinois law, specifically the “Relocation” statute. The Rule states that if the child’s primary residence is in Cook, DuPage, Kane, […]

Custody Disputes Caused By Alcoholism

December 6, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

A “custody dispute” involves two primary issues: a parenting schedule and decision-making responsibilities.  A parenting schedule details the amount of time the child spends with each parent throughout the year.  Decision making responsibilities pertains to the parent designated to make decisions on behalf of the child.  A parenting schedule is determined by the number of overnights each parent has with the child […]

Using a Birdnesting Schedule to Insulate Children from Parental Conflict During Divorce

November 30, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

Divorcing spouses who live together with their children during the divorce may expose their children to conflict which could harm their children.  One solution is for one spouse to move out of the house. Often, though, a spouse will not want to leave the house because doing so would mean leaving the children. In cases […]

Parental Conflict in the Home and the Potential Harm on Children

November 29, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

Dr. Laura Markham(@DrLauraMarkham), Ph.D in clinical psychology,         author of many books on parenting, and creator of,  was recently interviewed by Shane Parrish(@ShaneAParrish) on a podcast episode of the Knowledge Project where she was asked how relationship problems of parents effect their kids (at 49:10 of the episode). Dr. Markham said raised voices in the house cause children’s blood pressure and adrenaline to increase, even for babies when they are asleep. Further, she said ongoing conflict and ongoing raised voices will cause children to become more […]

Access to Minor Children’s Records After Divorce

November 26, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

When parents with minor children get divorced, custody disputes often occur over parenting time and decision–making responsibilities.  These disputes are often stressful and expensive.  However, regardless of the outcome of these disputes, each parent has a right to obtain records relating to the minor child(ren).  This includes, but is not limited to, medical, dental, childcare, and school records.   […]

Illinois Divorce: Parenting Time During Holidays 

November 22, 2019 | Divorce,Parenting (Child Custody)

When spouses with minor children separate or get divorced, then a parenting schedule needs to be put in place to dictate when each parent is with the child(ren).  A temporary parenting schedule is typically ordered when the parties have separated and the child custody issues are pending in the court.  A permanent parenting schedule is a part of a […]

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